Lion Rent a Car Terms and Conditions





  • Requirements

The Renter and any additionally agreed drivers must be present and must be minimum 21 years of age and must have valid identity documents: passport/ID card and driving license for at least 1 year. In case of that the rented vehicle is driven by another person, not listed in the rental agreement, the RENTER bears full responsibility for the value of the car and the additional cost occurred, regardless of the paid fees or additional coverages. 

Driving licenses issued in the following countries are accepted: EU, UK.

Driving licenses from all other countries must be accompanied by an International Driving Permit. All International Driving Permits are valid when accompanied with regular driver's license. 

An International Driving Permit (IDP), often referred to as an international driving license, is a translation of a domestic driving license that allows the holder to drive a private motor vehicle in any country or jurisdiction that recognizes the document. Foreign visitors planning to rent cars in Bulgaria must possess their native driver's license and an International Driving Permit (IDP). The IDP is essential as it legally permits foreigners to drive in Bulgaria, where a foreigh driving license alone may not suffice. 

In order to apply for IDP you can contact the National Automobile Association in your country or you can use online applications, making the process easier and faster.

Apply for an International Driving Permit



  • Period of rent

The minimum renting period is 24 hours. When returning the vehicle, the client has the right to be late up to 1 hour without a charge. After that a full renting day is charged.

  • Way of renting

The vehicles are rented from the offices of the company. After signing of the contract, an inspection of the vehicle must be made and the remarks are noted, if such exist. When the client returns the vehicle, an authorized person from the company makes an inspection of the vehicle and if a damage or shortage is found, caused by the client and not covered by the insurance, the charges are recovered from the deposit. 

In the customer is late for pick up, the reserved car is guaranteed for up to 1 hour. After that period the car is no longer guaranteed for the customer. 


  • Payment options

A credit card, issued on the name of the main driver/renter, is mandatory for all rentals.

Accepted credit cards are: VISA and Mastercard

Provided credit card must be valid at least until the end of the rental agreement, otherwise the LESSOR is not responsible for refunding the deposit.

  • Not accepted payment options:

​Someone else's card (including family members)

Any virtual payments (Google Pay, Apple Pay, ect..)


  • Liability

Collision Damage Waiver is included in the price and limits the customers' responsibility to the following amounts in accordance with the rented vehicle:

B/I-€300; C/D-€360; E/P-€480; S/G/I-e/D-e -€540; H-€660; K-€420; L-€840; O-€600; P-e -€700 .

In case of damage or theft to the rented vehicle, the RENTER must inform Lion Rent A Car office within in 2 hours from the event. A police protocol or mutual agreement statement is required. Otherwise, additional insurance reducing your Non-Waivable Excess will be invalid.

In case no other vehicle/participant is involved in the accident and the police has refused to attend the scene, the customer should provide reference number from his call with the police.

In case of lost or damaged of Rfid card for charging in the Eldrive network, the RENTER must inform Lion Rent A Car office within 2 hours. 

  • Insurances:

Third Party Liability is included in the rental cost and the car is covered according to Bulgarian law. A copy of the document is available in the car for inspections.

Collision Damage Waiver /CDW/: CDW can be purchased or included in the rental rate and limits renter’s liability to the excess amount.


Purchase of Super Cover Damage Waiver /Super CDW/ removes completely the Non-Waivable Excess in case of damage and theft.

Super Cover is available only when basic Collision Damage Waiver and Vehicle Theft Cover are already purchased. Prices are as follows:   B/I-€ 8 per day; C/D/K/I-e -€ 10 per day; E/S/G/P-€ 12 per day; H/L/O/D-e -€ 12 per day; P-e - € 17 per day

All additional insurances are charged for up to 10 days and are valid for the entire rental (up to 30 days).

Purchase of Super Cover does not abolish Incident Administration Fee from 18 euro.

The insurance is not valid in below occasions: Theft or damage of wipers, CD-player, antenna, tyres, rim covers, license plate number/s/, keys and mirrors, damages to the underbody of the vehicle or loss of car documents; any interior damages; any mishappening resulting from alcohol or drug abuse; damages caused to the vehicle due to off-road driving; theft or damage of any personal belongings in the car; damage caused by not using correct fuel; the car has boarded a ship/ferry, unauthorized repairs.

The Lessor shall bear no responsibility for lost, damaged or stolen personal items and belongings.

  • Fuel

The vehicle is delivered with full tank at the beginning of the rent. The consumed fuel is at the expense of the RENTER. In case the RENTER returns the vehicle with less fuel, the missing fuel is charged per gas station prices plus a refueling fee of €12.

Get Eldrive mobile application (available on App Store/Google Play) and find the nearest charging station. Pay easily via RFID tag.

Electric vehicles are provided with a charge of 80% to 100%. If the vehicle is returned with less than 80%, the customer has to pay full charge of the battery in the amount of €30.

  • Traffic fines

In case of a traffic violation, the cutomer is charged the full amount of the fine plus and additional €18 administration fee.

  • One way rent

One way rentals between different cities are on request and subject to additional charge. One way charge may vary from €70.00 to €180.00. Outside of the country, One Way Rentals are not allowed.


  • Additional driver

Each additional driver is charged €2.40 per day for a maximum period of 10 days. All additional drivers must meet the minimum age requirements.


  • Additional equipment

Child seat (€3.60 per day), snow chains (€3.60 per day), navigation (€6 per day) are provided on request and will be charged for maximum 10 days.

In case of damage or loss of special equipment, penalty charge of €60 is applied. In case of damage or loss of navigation system, the penalty charge is €300.


  • Lost or damaged documents, license plate or front panel of the radio in these cases, a €240 fee is charged.

  • In case of lost or damaged car keys, the penalty charge demands on manufacturer's price list.

  • In case of lost or damaged Rfid card for charging in Eldrive network, a €240 fee is charged.

  • Smoking is not allowed in the cars. There is a charge of 50.00 Euro aplicable for smoking in the vehicles.


  • Rent in out of office hours

For pick-up or return of the vehicle outside the office working hours, as well as on public holidays/non-working days, are available upon request. A fee of €30 is charged

  • Traveling outside of the country

Possible with preliminary request and approval, at least 3 working days prior the rental. A fee of €50 must be paid for preparing the documents. The following maximum mileage applies: for rentals up to 3 days - 900km; for rentals from 4 to 10 days - 2500km.; for rentals from 11 to 30 days - 4000km. Each additional extra kilometer is going to be charged from € 0,17 to € 0,49 depending on the vehicle class.

Cross border is NOT ALLOWED for the following countries: Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia.

  • Chauffeur services

On preliminary request.




All prices are in EUR with 20% VAT.