Documents Required for an Operating Lease Contract



   The below Operating Lease documents are required by the lessee in order to prove its solvency/financial state  after our offer has been approved and a contract is about to be signed:
  • Filled in lease application form (download here)
  • Print from the Trade register showing the company's current state
  • Balance sheets and profit and loss account for the last two reporting years
  • Filed a tax declaration for the last year, with reference number
  • Reports - VAT returns for each month after that of the most recent audited annual financial statements with incoming numbers from the National Revenue Agency
  • For any contracts in excess of BGN 30 000 along with signing the contract, a declaration for according to the Law against money laundering has to be signed
  • ID and driver's license of the representative in case he is going to drive the vehicle
  • IDs and driver's licenses of anyone who is going be authorized to drive the vehicle