Advantages of Operating Lease

  • You do not reduce the company's capital – the Operating Lease contract excludes any prepayments or deposits
  • You are eligible for tax loan equal to the price of the rental and all subsequent expenses
  • You are able to plan, control and optimize your expenses by paying a fixed, long-term monthly installment
  • You minimize the amount of paperwork of your fleet
  • The monthly installments are recognized as a company expense in full
  • You save time and additional resources
  • Ensure you constant mobility, regardless of the need of stay of the cars in service
  • Operating lease cars comply with your needs, time frame and mileage, maintaining your company's image.
  • Ongoing professional advice and analysis of your fleet and the possibility of optimizing its management.
  • Do not carry risk and commitment to selling used cars
  • For a fixed monthly installment you get an unimpeded use of the car, ensuring your peace of mind and focusing on your core business
  • You do not engage in secondary realization of the car
  • You get a replacement vehicle by Lion Rent-a-Car, if for repair or any other reason you can not use your car for a longer period of time
  • Lion Rent-a-Car and SFA utilize discounts, which you can benefit from