Rent-A-Lion Operating Lease



   Operating lease is a service suitable for companies with a clear focus on its core business and in need of professional outsourcing of the management of their fleets, regardless of its size. The long-term rental provided by Lion Rent-a-car enables the use of brands and models of cars, selected by the client, for a fixed monthly payment. The only thing you are supposed to do is drive and refuel, as we ease your duties  and take care of everything else for the duration of the contract - from 12 to 60 months. 

   You pay a fixed monthly instalment, and we take care of:

  • Consulting and selection of vehicle's make / model / engine / equipment, suitable for your business from all officially presented such in Bulgaria
  • Initial registration in the Traffic Police
  • Monitoring and paying the vehicle's tax throughout the entire contract period
  • Providing the contracted vehicle
  • Ensuring the vehicle has Collision Damage Waiver, Theft Protection and Third Party Liability throughout the entire rental period
  • Providing and paying for vignette stickers throughout the entire rental period
  • Professional maintenance of vehicles for the entire term of the lease
  • Providing a replacement vehicle in the event of a prolonged service stay of the rented vehicles
  • Providing additional sets of seasonal tyres, its storage and rotation
  • Dedicated personal contact and engagement in solving issues; support for utmost servicing of the fleet and the employees using it
  • Providing complete fleet management including:
    - Organizing the timely admission of cars in service for repairs when needed
   - Providing a tow truck and cooperation in case of a road accident (flat tyre, collision, instructions in case of an accident and so on)
    - Communication with the service for the timely completion of repairs
    - Organizing, replacing and storing summer / winter tyres
    - Making claims in front of the insurance companies
    - Delivery of replacement vehicles to a convenient address, in cities with Lion Rent a Car locations
    - Carrying out  mandatory yearly technical inspections
    - Assistance with issuing power of attorneys and cross-border documentation
    - Reissuing of lost vehicles registration documents or registration plates
    - Providing any other assistance to clients on matters related to the operation of the car