Frequently Asked Questions



What is the minimum age for renting a car with Lion Rent-a-Car? 
The minimum age for renting a vehicle is 21 years. The driver must own a valid driver's license from at least a year.

Can I let someone else drive the vehicle?
Yes, but only if he is present in the car rental contract as an additional driver. 

How is the check-in and check-out of the rented vehicle carried?
The renter receives the vehicle in good, technically reliable condition, full tank, with as first aid/safety kit. All this is described in the vehicle condition report, which is signed by both our agent and the renter. The renter must return the vehicle with all provided paperwork and documentation, full tank and in the agreed location at the agreed time. Should the renter decide to prolong the rental, he must notify an employee of Lion Rent-a-Car for his decision. 

What happens if I delay the returning of the vehicle?
Should you happen to delay the returning of the vehicle, you should contact an employee of Lion Rent-a-car right before the expiration of the agreed return date and time in the contract. For a delay of up to 1 hour, no additional charges are calculated.For a delay in excess of 60 minutes, an additional day will be billed.

Is it possible to travel abroad without notifying Lion Rent-a-Car?
No. A power of attorney should be prepared in the driver's name prior to travelling abroad.

Is it possible to amend the vehicle in various ways or mount additional equipment on it?
Absolutely not. This contradicts the rental terms and conditions.

What should I do if there is a problem with the vehicle?
In case of any kind of problem with the rented vehicle, please contact us.

How much fuel should I return the vehicle with?
The vehicle is checked out with a full tank and should be returned with a full tank as well. In case the renter checks in the vehicle with less fuel, each missing litre is going to be billed  2 €.

How should I use the vehicle?
The renter must use the vehicle accordingly and must take good care of it, including observing the oil pressure gauge, the cooling liquid indicator, the brake fluids indicators and tyre pressure. In case of a need to top up some of the fluids, the renter should notify Lion Rent-a-Car.
The renter may not use the vehicle in races, training third parties, towing trailers or carrying bulky or loose cargo without the consent of the lessor. This does not apply to commercial.cargo vehicles.

The renter must not drive the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
The renter must not give the vehicle to third parties.

What is the minimum period for renting a vehicle?
The minimum rental period is 24 hours.

How much am I going to be charged in case I lose the vehicle's documents, keys, registration number of CD/Radio panel?
In these cases, a charge of € 200 applies.

Why and when do I have to leave a deposit?
The deposit is a kind of liability.It should be blocked on a credit card and it varies depending on the different vehicles.

When will I receive my deposit back?
The deposit is given back after the vehicle is returned and there are no damages or losses.

Is it possible to check out or check in during closed hours?
Yes, on request only. A fee of € 25 per rental applies.



If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.